15 Best Ways to Build your Email List and Grow Your Business

Building an email list can be slow, especially when starting out. Increasing your subscribers can do a lot to boost your business and get your name out there. There are many ways to grow your list but not all will have the same results. In this post, you’ll find the 15 best ways. Before we begin, it’s important for to mention that you should always be up to date with the current laws like GDPR. Make sure that you are following the General Data Protection Regulation when building your list – it’s there to protect individuals’ data and privacy (including you). Now let’s get to it…

  1. Invite clients to join

This may seem obvious but sometimes we overlook the basics and try to skip to more intricate ways of recruiting people to our lists.


  1. Create a Call to Action

A typical place for this is in the homepage of your blog. But you can also put them in your sidebar or throughout a few of your other main pages. A call-to-action (CTA) can be many things but usually the best way to call clients to action is to ask them to leave their name and email address in exchange for being kept in the loop for special offers you may be running, for example.


  1. Run a giveaway

This one is really fun and can drive up subscribers quickly. Who doesn’t love something for free? Especially when it’s offering value! Have people sign up for your giveaway using their email address.


  1. Create a free printable

Create a PDF, slideshow or other informative document that provides helpful information to your client. Ideally the information shouldn’t be readily available in one place on the internet and this is why they will want to part with their email address – to obtain the good stuff!


  1. Create a free mini-course

Offering your clients the option to sign up for a mini-course to provide them with helpful information is another great way to build an email list. Whether it be a video course, an eBook or an email series, a free course can rack up subscriber numbers.


  1. Offer bonuses

An idea for a bonus you could offer is the refer-a-friend bonus. Your client asks their friend to join your newsletter and if they do, your client gets a free gift (it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, just a small gesture!)


  1. Build an online community

A Facebook group (or something similar) is a foolproof way to get subscribers because they can continue to gain out of this for as long as they’re part of the group.


  1. Create a special email series

Offer a fun email course or a series of emails like “5 Days to XYZ.” They will have to sign up for your email list in order to participate because they will be receiving the content directly to their email.


  1. Membership access

This is amazingly valuable for your community. You can either offer clients a resource library or member-only blog posts, webinars and how-to videos.


  1. Add sharing buttons to your emails

On your direct emails that you send to your current email subscribers, give them the opportunity to share to their friends via email or social media.


  1. Team up with a blogger or a complementary business to yours

Ask another practitioner with a potentially reciprocal business (preferably with a larger audience or client base) if they would like to team up. You can create a course or other info product together and offer to both your lists.


  1. Social media

On your social media platforms make sure to let them know you have an email community and ask them to join. You can also create Facebook ads that take potential readers to a landing page that asks them to subscribe in order to get more valuable information.


  1. Get pinning on Pinterest

Use Pinterest to circulate your pins which leads people to specially-created landing pages or direct to your practice’s website.


  1. Guest blog

Create a blog post for a complementary business or a local community magazine. The readers will have an option to check out your bio and website – you can add a direct link to a page that allows them to subscribe.


  1. Host a webinar

Another fun and creative way to get subscribers is to host a webinar. Create a live course with valuable information and as a bonuses offer the replay to subscribers who’ve left their email address.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to grow your email list. We hope some of these will prove very  useful!