Twitter for therapists

How therapists can attract more clients through twitter

Twitter is a tool that offers therapists the opportunity to market their services and industry in an effective way. They can share news, answer questions and encourage people to become their clients. Using twitter does not take as much time as other social media platforms because content can be created quickly. Therefore, therapists can benefit from the fast-pace of twitter and its fresh approach. So how can therapists attract more clients through twitter?

Post several times a day

There have been many studies carried out regarding this and it has been found that posting five times a day will achieve the best results. Twitter moves fast and so, noticing a single tweet can prove difficult for prospective clients and so, posting five times a day will ensure that tweets are noticed. Tweets can include a wide range of content from images to information curated from other sites relevant to your industry. Of course, you might be unable to send five tweets a day due to your workload and time constraints but there is a work around for this. You can use apps such as Twittime to create your tweets and then set them to send at a specific time throughout the day. This makes it easier for you to spend some time at the beginning of your day arranging your tweets and what you want to say than remembering to do it during the day when you are treating clients.

Reach out to local users

As a therapist, the majority of your clients will reside close to your practice and so, you should consider using twitter to drive clients to your blog or website. As your clients will be from your town or city, the reach is narrower and so, all tweets should have hashtags that are linked to your area and you can even add in place names so that it reaches out to those who are located close by. Hashtagging is a term that relates to putting a hashtag in front of a word that is trending. Therefore, by using the hashtag #<insertnameofyourtown>, anyone who searches for that hashtag will have a greater chance of seeing your tweet. It is also possible to use the same hashtags that other people in your industry are using which can often give you a direct route to a wider audience. However, you can also tweet local news and events that could be of interest to clients. So, research the tweets that relate to news in your area and retweet them.

Interact with followers

Twitter is a community, which means you should interact with user when you get the chance. If someone asks you a question, then you should do your best to answer them quickly and if someone retweets your tweet, you could perhaps follow them or even like a tweet of theirs. If you are tweeting someone, you should always use the @ symbol before their username as that will ensure that they see your tweet. You must be polite and courteous when answering direct messages and if you have any information that might be of relevance to your followers then you should tweet it. If you are mentioned, you should respond but it is important to remain professional because this will help to attract more clients.

Create an impressive profile

This will require you to create a custom header and it should definitely use your logo or slogan if you have one. If your business has a particular colour scheme then you should stick with that, as it will help your branding. You should complete all information including a short and punchy description. You should definitely include a link to your website or blog as well as any other social media sites.


Twitter is great at bringing people from the same industries together. You can interact quickly and easily with other therapists from all around the world just through mentioning, retweeting, following or directly messaging them. This can help you to network with others and help to build a healthy working relationship with them.

These kinds of connections can help you to reach out and attract more followers, which can help you to look even more professional and highly regarded. However, they can also help you to enhance your knowledge and reputation.

What does it all mean

Twitter is a community that is brought closer together by the people you follow, the people who follow you and the way in which you reach out. Therefore, the use of hashtags are imperative to your success because it will enable you to filter straight into a hot topic that is generating interest. It is simple, yet it can have a positive impact in the way in which twitter works for you.