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Major update for WordPress sites

The WordPress platform which powers most of the world’s websites underwent one of the most significant updates this month. In a nutshell, the core WordPress editor was updated, and called Gutenburg. Web agencies and developers from across had to ensure the websites they had built for their client’s still worked… as many broke. Luckily for […]

Which Colours To Use Or Avoid For Your Website

Which colours should you use on your website and which should be avoided? It’s no secret that colours can influence us physiologically and emotionally. Depending on your audience however, you will want to strategically choose colours to brand your site and make up your logo. The colours you choose will go a long way to […]

21 Marketing Tips for Your Therapy Practice

Competition is everywhere and if you want to stand out it’s important to have a good marketing plan. It’s not as simple as word of mouth or just having a website and some social media accounts anymore. Competition is thick and you need to get ahead of the rest if you want to get more […]

#TwitterMarketing Tips – Part 2

Twitter can be an ideal place to attract customers to your therapy practice – totally free! Although it will not work for everyone, it will work for many practitioners and therapists looking to attract their target market. Not only is it free, it can be fun to use. If you want to try using Twitter […]

Using Twitter for your Therapy Practice

With so many social media platforms available to therapy businesses, it’s no wonder we always get asked what might be the best one for them. Most practices don’t have the time to spend on all of the main platforms, so it’s prudent to choose to focus on just one or two. Today we’ll discuss Twitter… […]

Remembering what’s important for SEO

Remembering what’s important for SEO We already know how important it is to use the keywords and phrases that people are actually searching for when creating content for your website, but over the past few years, SEO has changed – but some businesses haven’t kept up to date and have consequently seen their traffic and […]