How a Presence on Social Media Can Impact your Clientele

21st March 2018

With 2.80 billion global social media users in 2017, equalling 37% penetration, (Source: We Are Social) nowadays the presence of a business on social media has become of the utmost importance. This does not only drive in traffic to your website but also allows for you to attain a higher brand recognition as a therapist. Thus, in turn you do not only become an individual or a set of individuals providing therapy, rather you become a brand which becomes sought after by the masses. This is hardly surprising as 92 % of online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking (Source: MarketingSherpa) making the social media platform one where you not only boost your clientele but also attain a following for the same.

Here we a have a three step process, which depicts exactly how the presence on social media can impact your clientele, in the line of therapy.

Attractive Content and Layout

This may seem to be an obvious tip to follow, however from your website to all your social media platforms, the content and the layout needs to be organised in such a way so as to attract the right clientele. The website layout in particular is of the utmost importance as that is the first point of contact for the client; according to the Nielsen Norman Group, a potential client spends less than a minute on each site. In that time, you need to ensure that you display the following attributes as a therapy business;

  • Expertise in therapy
  • Proof of being active on social media
  • Overall credibility
  • Clear and concise visuals and messages
  • Easy user navigation

Posting on Social Media

From pictures to articles, the social media platform, including the website, is one of the best tools in building your credibility as a therapist and it becomes apparent as to why that is through the following example. Let’s say a major influencer in the industry re-tweets you, shares your post on their page or provides a link of your website on their page- it not only builds the credibility of your brand as a therapist but also proclaims to your potential clientele that the industry influencer has enough trust in your brand/in your work to link their name with yours. In saying this, visual content ought to be posted more frequently as it is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content (Source: HubSpot)

Converting Visitors into Clientele

Utilizing social media can in fact give you a certain competitive advantage in terms of converting visitors to your website or pages on social media to actual clients. For example, if a potential client has narrowed down the search for a therapist between you and competitor, it is 74% more likely that the potential client opts for the one which has a social media presence, including a website, with other social media platforms linked to it. (ODM Group, 2011 study).

Therefore, if you are a therapist that needs help in creating an innovative website linked to your social media platforms, contact us today- our team of expert web-designers will surely be able to aid you with all your needs and requirements!