The 7 Best Ways to Get Visitors to Your New #Therapy #Website

So, you have a new therapy website and it’s time to earn the respect of Google so visitors can read your helpful content and make appointments. There are a few key things that can be done to put you on the map and help things along now and for the long term.

Here are seven ways you can get those visitors to your new therapy website:


  1. SEO

The first thing to do is to SEO your content. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and basically makes your website easier to find when people are searching for something that you offer. Making the content on your site “keyword rich.” Is important and optimization is an ongoing process. Essentially you want to fill your website with content that includes words and phrases that are common to your practice and that potential clients are actually searching. It is vitally important that the most relevant keywords are identified for your website from the outset otherwise efforts in optimizing your website will be wasted. It is important to gain professional help in identifying suitable keywords as there are a number of tools and techniques that professionals use on a daily basis, and obtain best practice advice moving forward for any additional pages you add. If you don’t already have one, you may want to add a “Services” page and include as many relevant keywords and phrases there.


  1. Adding Your Business on Google and Yelp

People like to research a therapy practice and check the reviews before they decide whether or not to book a treatment. Starting a profile on Google or Yelp is free and easy. It’s a great way to get more visitors on your website and, as a bonus, this will also help your SEO. Don’t forget to include your website in the listing so that it’s simple for the client to click through to your site.


  1. Online Profiles

Similar to number 2, you should also have a profile for your business on various directory websites, especially those for your speciality. Search for those trusted, highly reputable directory sites which allow you to include a link to your website and get your practice listed. Potential clients are looking for trusted health care professionals and are placing great emphasis on prior research, so this is a key step. Not only will new clients be directed to your website, but you may even get some people wandering into your office!


  1. Social Media

Social media is an important aspect of any business these days – if not mandatory! With the number of users online, it holds the power to target ideal clients and grow not only your following but your practice’s appointment book. If you don’t already have one, set up a Facebook page for your business, an Instagram page to show off your team, values, photos of your practice, daily quotes, etc., and let’s not forget a Twitter account. Once your profile is complete, the search function is an excellent way to connect with fellow therapists and potential clients. When posting anything on these platforms, remember to always include a link to your website!


  1. Start a Blog Page

Having a blog on your website will create an element of trust between your practice and your ideal client. It will help those looking for answers to connect with you and hopefully bring them into the practice. Writing blog posts is also a great way to boost your SEO because you can naturally include relevant key words within your helpful and interesting posts. *BONUS: Start creating an email list so that you can keep your existing visitors informed and coming back for more*.


  1. Offline Networking

Very often people forget about the power of networking with an actual person – face to face. But this is a tried and true way to get people to your website (keep business cards readily available for when you’re out and about!). Connect with other local businesses where you can exchange flyers or business cards to spread the word around your area.


  1. Incentives

People love free! Offering potential visitors a reason to visit to your website is one of the best ways to get them there. One idea is to host a free seminar or workshop and advertise it on your social media pages. Another idea is to offer a free consultation, also shouting about it on your social media pages and asking your audience to share. Make sure that anyone who is interested signs up for any events or freebies via your website, so not only can you capture their details and know how many new clients to expect, but also to drive manual traffic to your website.